Futurable lets a player travel to future life in an AI-simulated environment where every character is a fully autonomous AI. Its life goal of survival and prosperity is realized by improving Health and Wealth, Cognitive Intelligence, and Social Intelligence, evolving towards the higher levels of Universal Civilization.

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The True AI Game

Futurable is to build a Better Future based on True AI

Futurable is a fully autonomous AI game for future travel. The purpose of the game is that a human player desires to survive based on its inborn physical and mental capabilities while the others also desire their own goals.

Build a Better Future based on True AI

What is Futurable? We are concerned about our future, but we are not sure what to do. With Futurable, we want it to be an exciting game to find and build a better future based on true AI, the great technology.

It is similar to Sims but every character is fully autonomous just like humans.

Futurable 1 is the beginning episode to explore our future.
The specific purpose of the game is everyone desires to survive and prosperbased on its inborn capabilities by improving the four important life values of Health, Wealth, Cognitive and Social Intelligence. In general, Game AI has very little to do with academic AI. The amount of AI in games is pretty limited, though latest games such as Sims rely on more AI. Futurable, however, is an effort to make every character autonomous AI, mimicking human cognition. Another recent game, Overwatch, battling against AI, but with a limited number of 6 characters. On the other hand, Futurable, with our general AI technology, supports scalability possibly to millions of characters.

Many of current games are repetitive over the pre-defined scenarios
In Futurable, however, it is Fun to guess freely based on own experiences, and also inspiring while interacting with AIs.
Futurable is more than a pastime! – Continually Awakening with human-like AIs, Enlightening whenever you see your exciting future, and Inspiring while traveling with Autonomous AIs.
To summarize the technology behind, Futurable is more than number crunching unlike AlphaGo, although they share some, Neural Network, for example. It handles not only numbers but also symbols. Futurable’s three major advantages are Independence of problem domains, Generality of problem solving, learning and memory to support cognitive intelligence, and also Multi-agent reasoning for social intelligence.

With Futurable, we hope you find Ultimate Happiness after all.

Thank you so much.

Richard Shinn, CEO & Founder, AIBrain


Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Operation System The latest(non-beta) version of Google Android
Processor Quad-core 1.5 GHz or better
Memory 3GB Ram
(e.g SamSung Galaxy S6)
4GB Ram or more
(e.g SamSung Galaxy S7)
Storage 200 MB of intermal HD space
Internet No Internet for offline mode
(scripted natural language conversation)
Broadband Internet for onine mode
(AI-server based natural language conversation)
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